We brought our 5 year old dachshund "daughter" Maggie
home from the Humane Society shelter.  She behaved
reasonably well and we bonded with her very quickly.  She
did have a problem with socializing in the home, though,
and barked and growled whenever someone came to visit.  
A few weeks into her adoption, we saw and ad in the paper
about Dog Training with Brenda and found her website.  
After sending Brenda the details of Maggie's case she came
to the house for a private consultation and even within that
45 minute period, Maggie's behavior improved significantly.  
That day we signed up for private lessons in order to gain
control of basics and then followed that with a group class
to add to her experience around other people and dogs.  In
private lessons and in group lessons we can testify that
Brenda is a gifted trainer, and is persistent and patient
beyond belief.  She takes lots of time with problem areas.  
Our little Maggie is a happier dog since "Aunt Brenda"
entered her life.  We plan on continuing education with Dog
Training with Brenda as it has become one of Maggie's
favorite activities (and ours)!

Carol and Mike Rowley