I read about Brenda in the newspaper.  I read that she trained dogs of all breeds and that she was going to have an 8-week
dog training class.  I decided to sign “Maggie”, my 10 month-old Shar-pei to participate in these classes.  The first class she
explained what we would be doing and showed us all exactly how to handle our dog for the first week. We were to go
home and practice what she had shown us and bring our dogs back the following week.  She had even given us Dog
Manuals, that she had made, to study every day and to help if we forgot what to do.  She seemed very professional.  I got
home and I tried to do what she had shown me with Maggie, but I had no success at all.  Maggie was so stubborn, that she
would just run from the leash whenever she saw it in my hands.  Her actions made it impossible to even walk her on a
leash.  I was troubled by this and I consulted Brenda.  She told me that she would gladly take Maggie home with her and
train Maggie herself.  I agreed, so Brenda came to my house and picked Maggie up to take her.  The next day I get a call.  
It was Brenda telling me how wonderful Maggie was doing.  Maggie was already leading on a leash after one day with
Brenda!  I was so surprised by this because Maggie was so stubborn.  It wasn’t two weeks and Brenda brought Maggie
home to us and showed us how she was doing.  I was shocked.  Maggie could heel, lead on leash, sit, stay, lay down, and
she was even house broken!  I was very happy with the results that Brenda had given me.  She is wonderful with dogs and
I would recommend her highly to anyone I know.

Loretta Jones