We would We would like to convey our incredible appreciation of Brenda and the work she did with our dog, Carmel.

Carmel is a highly “energetic” dog that had issues with biting, housebreaking, and jumping up on people who came to
visit us at our home. We sent Carmel to Brenda’s drop-off training and two weeks later, we came to pick up a vastly
different dog.

We were absolutely amazed at how Brenda had been able to transform Carmel into a dog that obeyed commands and
actually understood who is in charge and it no longer was Carmel.

We highly recommend Brenda for several reasons: her vast knowledge of dog behavior, her many years of experience
doing this work, and her enthusiasm for training us as well as Carmel.

Her support after Carmel’s time with her has been very strong and helpful and we feel that we have someone who we
can count on for any help or support that we need with Carmel’s behavior in the future.

Very Respectfully,
Jeff and Lorri Krisman