Training with Brenda was the greatest thing KOKO and I have ever done
together and the best investment I have ever made.  It was my desire to be
able to take KOKO with me, on leash, wherever I went, to be able to
command her to sit or lie down and wait for my command to release.  I would
never have believed it would be possible for us to be trained to do all this in
six weeks.  The most amazing part for me was that after the initial six week
period, I was able to train her to do all of the above “off leash” when we took
Brenda’s intermediate course.  We now go on walks and I am free to release
her and know that upon command she will wait for me to “hook her back up”
and resume our walk with her by my side.  I now take her to public places such
as the park or Lowe’s confident that she will behave in a responsible and well-
mannered way.

Thank you Brenda, you have our highest respect and recommendation.  What
can we learn next?

David Horton