I have had experience in obedience training, working with three
other trainers.  However, when I began taking classes with
Brenda, I was immediately impressed with her methods and
results. Within five lessons, I was able to take my Chihuahua–a
very difficult breed to work with – to a pre-novice match where he
place fourth out of nineteen dogs. Since then, he has obtained his
AKC obedience title of Companion Dog.

Her lessons are clear and easy to follow and the hand-out sheets
that she provides to her students are most helpful as it is
sometimes difficult to remember everything you’ve been told.  I
refer often to these notes.  Her kind but firm manner of dealing
with each dog and handler produces quick and satisfying results.  

I would not hesitate to recommend her to dog owners who are
interested in teaching their pets to become well-mannered
members of their family.  Since she has had experience in the
obedience show ring, and understands what skills are needed, she
is therefore, also well equipped to train both the handler and the
dog to compete in obedience trials.  

Judy Sadler