I live in a rural area in Owasso, Oklahoma.  One day my dog, Sasha, and
I were playing out in the front yard where there are no fences.  I found it
amusing when Sasha noticed a full size cottontail rabbit sitting in the
grass about 75 yards away.  Sasha, a two month old German Shepherd,
slowly approached the cottontail.  When Sasha was about 20 feet away
the rabbit shot across the yard towards the road with my dog in chase.  
To my horror I noticed a speeding truck heading right for the spot they
would cross.  I yelled out “SASHA!” to which she stopped two feet shy
of the road and came back.  The rabbit barely made it across in front of
that truck. I would like to recommend Brenda’s Dog Training.  Had we
not been taking lessons, Sasha may have been hit by that truck.

Dewy Gregory