Dakota, a 5-month-old Siberian Husky, and I
have completed private lessons with Brenda.  
I am completely amazed in the difference the
training has made.  Dakota is my first dog and
I have been used to living with cats.  But after
a few weeks of having Dakota, I realized I
needed help controlling her but I did not want
to take her just any where.  i was extremely
blessed to hear about Brenda through my
vet.  Because Dakota has such a dominant
personality she would not listen and would
even snap at me when she got mad.  After
completing the classes, Dakota's personality
has changed drastically.  If it was not for
Brenda, I would have a completely
out-of-control dog.  But now I have a loving
companion.  I would highly recommend
Brenda to anyone with a dog.

Christie and Dakota