Before taking Brenda’s Pet Obedient Class, Cleo was uncontrollable.  
She would pull on her leash, trying to pull me everywhere she wanted to
go.  I had no idea on how to control her or how to get her to settle down
around the kids.  After the first two lessons, Cleo started to follow my
lead, she knew I was the one who decided which direction we would be
walking.  Thanks to Brenda, I now understand that training any dog
depends on how the trainer/owner gives the commands without confusing
the dog with the wrong movement of gestures.  During our lessons I would
give Cleo commands like “Sit” and “Down”.  Every time I tried I could
not get her to do it right.  Then Brenda would come and take Cleo’s
leash.  Brenda would go through the complete lesson and Cleo would
follow her every command.  With Brenda’s help, I am teaching Cleo how
to behave the right way and Cleo is teaching me how to be a better owner.

David Whitewater & Cleo