I cannot believe the progress Razzie made during the training.  
Amanda had wanted a puppy for over a year and our family THOUGHT
we were prepared for welcoming a puppy into our home.  After two
months, we finally realized we were not getting Razzie trained and in
fact, he was calling the shots, not us!  We needed help.  Thank
goodness we found your flyer at the vet's office!
Razzie is Amanda's dog and it was important to us that Amanda train
him.  Thank you for being so encouraging with Amanda and giving
her the confidence she needed to accomplish this.  Amanda followed
your instructions and worked with Razzie daily.  Razzie transformed
into a well behaved dachshund that is enjoyable to be around.  After
working with you, we were also able to get over the last hump of
housebreaking.  I would gladly recommend you to others
your program works.
 Investing in Razzie's training was money well
spent for our family.  Thanks again.
Razzie is a 6 month old miniature Dachshund.  Amanda is 11 years old.

Rhonda and Amanda Chitwood