Corrinna and Sonny Kenealy

It had been two years since we had to put down our dear male golden Nikki.  It had been eight years
since having to deal with training such a soft, cuddly, sweet, golden puppy as sat in our living room
that day in April 2003.  Our daughter had only been five years old when Nikki came into our family
and I was the one to train and love him.  Now at the age of fourteen, she wanted Sonny Boy to be all
grown up and trained so she could have fun and do the things she and Nikki use to do.  That was just
not going to happen over night.  Then came Brenda to the rescue.  We were at the movies and saw
her ad.  I was anxious to call her for Help in every sense of the word.  We dropped Sonny off at the
age of five and one half months old for a two-week stay.  To our amazement and joy, upon picking
him up, he was able to come, sit, stay, heel and down all on a leash.  We even have a video of him
with Brenda showing us how to work with him.  It has been a wonderful experience and words
cannot express the tranquility that Brenda has brought into our home.  Thank you for loving dogs and
owners as you do.
        Sandy Kenealy