You drop-off your dog with me for two weeks
* and when you pick it up, it knows the commands
heel, sit, down, stay, and come when called (this is guaranteed in writing in the contract).
I also  work on other behaviors while your dog is here like housebreaking, barking, jumping
and mouthing.  You get an instructional video of your dog and myself and your first of
three  handling lessons when you pick up your dog.   Because your dog is in my home, it must
be  clean and have its nails trimmed.  It must have some kind of flea & tick preparation on such
as Front Line Plus, proof of vaccination
** and a recent fecal check.  I have a 100% success rate.
When you pick up your dog, there will be a line at the bottom of your contract that says “I am
satisfied with the training my dog has received.”  I have never had anyone not sign it.

    *Although this is the average time it takes, it could be a few days less or a few days more
      depending on the dog.
    **Your dog will be exposed to other dogs so it is important that your dog is properly  
by a veterinarian.
                                         ( 918 ) 274-8774                
Hugo, my eighty pound pit bull, was wild        
and uncontrollable around other people         
and dogs.  I was afraid to take him out in       
public or let people come over because of     
his size and strength.  I am amazed at the      
difference 2 weeks made.  He is now             
easily controlled in public settings and a        
huge burden has been relieved.  
Thanks, John Holland

My five-year-old Granddaughter, Kaylie, and the
formerly uncontrollable pit bull, Hugo, after Hugo's
training. Above, see his owners comments.
I trained Annie, a Giant Schnauzer, as a                
Service Dog.  Pictured above, Annie in a               
restaurant.  The waitress served food right           
over her and she never moved. To the right,         
Annie in the mall with children and in Dillards,      
patiently waiting for me to make a purchase.        
To the left, Annie with her co owner.
Right:  Dr. Hartwig, DVM
Left:  Dr. Kelley, DVM
Dog Training with Brenda
Totally Committed To Client Satisfaction
(918) 274-8774
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Training with Brenda has been a blessing for our         
dogs and our home life.  We have two  wonderful          
standard poodle puppies that are brothers.  Like all     
brothers, they would fight and not leave each other      
alone.  They just had bad puppy manners. Brenda        
taught them to be in the same room together and          
leave each other alone, also not to attack the front       
door when the door bell rang or visitors came in
the      house.  Our home returned to peace and quiet
as it       was before.  With just a few que words, they
do             exactly what we want them to do when we
want them     to do it.  We thank her so much as she is
an                 excellent dog trainer and we are grateful
to have         found her.

Stuart and Pam Gibbs

Sit Stay and Down Stay With Distractions!
Brenda, there is such a change from the dog I            dropped off to the dog I picked up and trained
with,   that my son is convinced you switched out dogs!         Not only are walks, excursions and home
life             better for all of us, but now that my dog knows I'm     in charge, shes so much happier.  The
best                 compliment I've received was when I took her to       an outdoor festival and someone
asked what kind      of dog she is.  After answering, the lady replied,         "Oh, a friend has one of
those, but her dog isn't          calm like yours."  I was just so proud!  And proud      of both of us, quite
honestly, since you essentially      trained me also!  I have appreciate the one-on-one   availability and
guidance from you.  I viewed this       as an investment and am more than 100%                  satisfied.  
Thanks again!                                                                                                                                        Linda
Brenda, three training examples to share with you about
our Carlos.  As you know, Carlos was a year old when we
brought him to you.  

1. Walking the dog.  Before your training, when we would
go for a walk, we would have to decide if we wanted to deal
with Carlos, our 8 pound chihuahua.  Sometimes when we
walked, he was cooperative, other times, he was a royal
pain.  Stopping at every smell, getting excited at any other
walkers, and going crazy when another dog happened by.  
Now, he is a joy.  We walk and he is so easy to walk with
and so enjoyable.  If we come upon a distraction, a "leave
it" command is all that is needed to keep him on task.  He
keeps pace, slows when I do, quickens when I do, and never
tries to pull me along like in the past. Great change Brenda,
2.  We have a fenced-in backyard like most people, Carlos
goes in the backyard often.  We happen to have a neighbor
that has 2 large, 75 lb dogs.  When they hear us outside,
they charge to the privacy fence and bark like crazy. Carlos,
before training would go absolutely crazy when this
occurred. He would charge the fence and run back and forth
barking all the way.  He was out of control from all the
excitement. Now, we go in the backyard, the neighbor dogs
do their yapping and charging, all I have to tell Carlos is
"leave it" and he goes about his business and does not
react at all.  We come inside and e is still the same dog I
took outside a few minutes before. What a wonderful
3.  The las change is the most remarkable. Our daughter
also has a male chihuahua, and in the past when she
brought "Harley", Carlos would try and be the alpha male,
as well as the pack leader.  He would be what I would call
"totally out of control".  And when Harley is staying for an
entire weekend, "WOW" is all I can say.  We even talked
about needing to get rid of Carlos because of his behavior.  
This past weekend Harley came to visit, and guess what
Carlos was not only manageable, but was actually great.  
He stayed on his pillow, he did not bark every time he
heard a noise, and did not constantly annoy the entire
family.  He is a real joy to be around and we are so proud of

Thanks so much Brenda, we appreciate all you've done for
our Carlos.

Mike and Debbie Hensley
My wife and I wanted to train our Standard Schnauzer
puppy before any bad habits or behavioral problems
had time to develop, but we weren't sure we would have
the time to train her ourselves as we have young
children that also demand lots of love and attention.  I
interviewed a number of local trainers, but I didn't feel
quite right about any of them.  Then I spoke to Brenda.  
It appealed to me that Brenda would raise our puppy in
her home as one of her own pets and I could tell she
was a real dog lover.  Brenda's years of experience and
success in the obedience ring helped as well, so we
trusted Brenda with our beloved three month old puppy
for two weeks.  While we certainly missed our pup while
she was away, the well trained and well behaved puppy
we got back was well worth the wait.  I have continued
to reinforce the outstanding training Brenda provide by
working with our puppy and taking advantage of the
follow up sessions that Brenda includes with her
in-home training service.  I get compliments on our pup
everywhere we go . . . she is calm and well mannered at
home, in the car, and out and about.  I recently brought
her to a restaurant where I had her in a down/stay while
we ate, and she held it without wavering even as food
was served right over her head.  We are amazed and
overjoyed with our lovely, playful, and well trained
puppy.  Thanks Brenda!

Many Thanks,
Craig Whitted