Gracie, my minature dachsund, and I have completed basic obedience training with Brenda.  The results of this training
have been remarkable.  

Prior to finding this class, I had all but given up on Gracie's ability to learn even the most basic obedience tasks.  I had
taken her to two other programs with little to no success.  The techniques used in the other programs just didn't work
for us.

After only two lessons with Brenda, Gracie was heeling consistently.  She is now reliable on-lead with sit, down and
stay commands and is making progress off-lead.

Brenda is an experienced trainer whose techniques work.  She really cares about my dog and has helped me
tremendously.  Gracie and I are moving on to some advanced obedience training with Brenda.  I am continuing to be
amazed at how well Gracie is doing and how much more I'm enjoying my dog because of these classes.

I highly recommend Brenda to anyone who wants an obedient dog!

Gracie and Cathey Morgan